There is a big misconception when it comes to solar prices. People often think that it is very expensive and they can’t afford it, or they think they will have to get into a loan they will never be able to pay. However, that is far from the truth. Our company works tirelessly with the best financiers and constantly strikes for cheaper prices for our customers while providing excellent quality in our work and products.

When you decide to go solar with S.A.S. you will automatically start saving money from the first month onwards and it only gets better. With our fixed rate you know how much you have to pay before the bill even gets to your hands unlike utility rates. The energy is getting expensive by the day, why don’t you generate it instead of buying it? Go solar now and start saving with S.A.S. 

When you decided to get a solar system in your house, you are not only aquing the solar panels, you will also acquiring the racking, inverter, monitor wiring and all the part that assemble to create your solar system. We take care of getting all the materials for you and install them as per your request. Best part is you will only pay for your system, installation is free. Secure short and long term savings by going solar with S.A.S. and choose the clean option. You can either pay the whole system upfront or take one of our simple solar loans with will allow you to make monthly payments lower than your utility bill in a lock-in rate. At the end of the day you are the one who chooses. Solar plans help you gain ownership of your own Solar System. 

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