We make solar affordable for all

At Standard America Solar we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible product, which makes you and your family our top priority.

Start saving

We want to help you in any way we can, not only in finding a better and cleaner energy solution but also in saving money. Once you go solar, you just pay a very low locked in rate, so you won’t have to worry about paying one month higher than the other.

Remember we believe in ownership, and for $0 down payment you can start saving money, energy and have your own solar system. The cost of your solar system will depend on its size, to know the exact size and pricing get a free quote and have one of our specialist guide you.

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We have your back with our warranties so you have nothing to worry about. Anytime you need us we are here for you, as you are our priority.
We treat each house in a unique way and take our work seriously. We will set up a monitoring system for your solar home to make sure it is running at its full capacity.

gOVERNMENT incentives

We know solar is the best alternative for your community, and we aren’t alone, your state also does! That’s why the state gives incentives to its people to go solar.  State isn’t the only one, in fact, homeowners may qualify for a 30% federal tax credit to lower their solar system cost. It is given to homeowners as a reward from choosing the cleaner option. We will help you get all the incentives that you qualify for.


Sometimes you will produce more energy than you need, in cases like that S.A.S. offers you the opportunity to store your own energy with our battery and use it when considered necessary for example in case of a blackout. We work alongside LG to bring LG Chem’s battery technology to our battery, that way you
can easily generate and store your energy as well as manage your usage on your own terms.

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